Our Process

Business Process

JLH Services provides clients with a specific range of business services that have strategic implications on their business to promote their growth.  JLH specializes in marketing, public relations and specialized client services for small to medium for-profit businesses as well as non-profit businesses and organizations.  The process at JLH services is to learn and translate the fundamental aspects of the client’s business or interest, then navigate them to their goals. This is accomplished in three ways:

  1. We help businesses grow their companies by helping them facilitate their marketing plan to advance to the next level.  If they do not have a marketing plan, we assist in developing and executing one.
  2.  Comprehensive Public Relations Strategies
  3.  Specialized and Focused Client Services

The techniques of JLH Services are:

  • Intelligence gathering on customers and competitors
  • Generating leads
  • Advising on, drafting and enforcing focused, comprehensive client services
  • Follow-up sales activity
  • Formal proposal and presentation management
  • Pitch and presentation rehearsals
  • Marketing strategy and campaign development

Our business development strategy involves evaluating the business using tools such as:

  • Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Information management
  • Customer service

JLH Services is committed to the overall development of businesses and helping our client’s realize their full potential. We use the “JLH Approach” when working with our clients to ensure that solutions are created holistically in consideration of the client’s objectives and business culture.